Since 1970, a company with the features of an artisanal shoe factory, where all the manufacturing operations are carried out with the skills of old craftsmanship passed down from father to son, for a top quality product.
The shoe factory management has been carried forward by members of the same family for two generations, passion guarantees continuity
and quality in manufacturing.
Besides  being committed to collaborating  with various luxury brands in the production of men’s footwear, we propose our own trendy fashion line, without ever neglecting refinement, class, style and taste.

We make shoes for men, with fine leathers.
A made in Italy brand.

Tradition & amp; power


Footwear appreciated all over the world, an unmistakable sign of the craftsmanship we use in the creation of our made in Italy footwear.


La bellezza dei nostri manufatti racchiude tutta l’artigianalità italiana, elegante e raffinata.


 Le lavorazioni dei vecchi maestri artigiani e le pelli pregiate rendono i nostri prodotti unici nel loro genere.


Proponiamo modelli di tendenza con forme moda all’avanguardia e con ogni tipo di pellame.

Le calzature

We also produce custom-made, elegant, formal, casual, leisure shoes for men and with any type of leather, even exotic.

The outlet

Directly in the factory there is our outlet with free entry for the sale of retail footwear for men and women.