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Vigevano, Via Emilio Galli, 23/25/27
27029 Vigevano (PV) • Italy
Phone: 0381 88629
VAT number 02233530183
manages an online shop through the website

Terms of Sale

“Consumer” means any natural person who places an Order for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out;
“Professional” means any natural or legal person who places an Order in the exercise of their business, commercial, craft or professional activity;
“Customer” means, as the case may be, the Consumer or the Entrepreneur;
“Agreement” has the meaning ascribed to that term in Section 3.4 .;
“Business day” means any day of the week, with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in accordance with the law;
“Purchase Order” means a declared intention, oral or written, to engage in a commercial transaction relating to specific products or services;
“Site” is the set of pages relating to;
“Prices” are the costs of the Products indicated on the site;
“Product / s” means all items that can be purchased on the site in the “shop” section;

“Promotions” are sales made by under special conditions for all or part of the Products and for a limited period of time;
“Cart” is the virtual container on the site of the products selected by the Customer for purchase;
“Terms of sale” are the rules set out here that govern the relationship between the Customer and for the purchase of Products;
“Items on Order” are understood to be items that require a longer delivery time because they must be ordered from our suppliers or products from the same company and their subsequent shipment to our and then your home; for these orders you will receive notification that your order has been taken over;
“Delivery” is to be understood as the timing of preparation of one or more Products and fall within an interval ranging from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 16 working days;
“Shipping” is to be understood as the timing of the shipment of the Products from the moment of delivery to the Courier until delivery to the Customer. For the time interval of shipments, consult the website of the relevant Courier and its tracking number.


The offer and sale on the Calzature Solazzo srl website integrate a distance contract governed by art. 50 ss of the Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n.206 (Consumer Code), as well as the Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, n. 70 (so-called Law on Electronic Commerce). The purchase of products is intended for consumers.
These Conditions of Sale govern the relationship between the Customer and Calzature Solazzo srl for the purchase of Products on the Site. The Customer is required to carefully read these Conditions of Sale that Calzature Solazzo srl makes available also in order to allow them to reproduce. and the memorization of the aforementioned Conditions in compliance with the provisions of art. 12, co. 3 ° of Legislative Decree No. 70/2003.
These Conditions of Sale apply to all orders placed by Customers to Calzature Solazzo srl through the website and govern and constitute an integral and substantial part of all contracts entered into by the Customer with Calzature Solazzo srl. As a result of the forwarding of a Purchase Order, the Customer declares to have read and accepted these Conditions of Sale. These Conditions of Sale will prevail over any other general contract condition whose application is invoked in relation to one or more contracts.
The Customer must consult these Conditions of Sale, on the Calzature Solazzo srl website on the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE page.


2.1 To purchase the Products, the Customer must complete and send the Purchase Order form in electronic format available on the site to, following the instructions contained on the Site. Purchase Orders must be filled out exactly in their entirety. .
2.2 The Customer must insert the selected Product / s in the appropriate “Cart” by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button and, after selecting the product, the size and possibly the desired customization (where possible), click on it the key indicating your “Shopping Cart”. At this point, within the Cart, it will be possible to view a summary of the selected products, the changes made and the relative desired quantity, as well as the contribution for the shipping costs. The Customer, after having viewed and accepted this summary, can proceed with the purchase.
2.3 If the Customer needs to modify the purchase order or to modify some of the data contained therein, he must follow the appropriate modification procedure contained in the summary of the Shopping Cart as mentioned above. In particular, the Customer will have the right to modify the quantity of the products he intends to purchase, adding or deleting one or more Products from the Cart.
2.4 Once this operation is completed, the Customer will see a screen containing the summary of the Purchase Order, including delivery costs, with the request for further confirmation of the purchase procedure.
After viewing the summary, the Customer must click on the appropriate “Buy Now” button and will enter the order completion section. It is possible to register on the site or purchase in Guest mode by indicating only your email. Once one of the methods has been selected, the shipping data, the type of shipment and delivery, the chosen payment method will be requested and a further summary will list the data entered and the Products you intend to purchase for a final check.
If all the data entered and the products purchased are correct, the purchase will be made by selecting the type of payment desired.

3.1 With the confirmation of the Purchase Order by the Customer, the Conditions of Sale contained on the site will be considered fully known and accepted by the Customer.
Calzature Solazzo srl will send the Customer a confirmation of the Purchase Order by sending a written communication by email upon receipt of the Purchase Order to the email address indicated by the Customer. In this email the identification number of the Purchase Order is specified. The contract will be deemed concluded when the Order Confirmation is sent to the Customer.
The Purchase Order confirmation sent by will contain: an indication of the Product / s purchased; the indication of the price; the means of payment; of delivery costs, the terms of the right of withdrawal in compliance with the provisions of Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 70/03 ;.
3.2 If our staff finds errors in your order, you will be promptly notified within 48 working hours, which will indicate your order as REFUSED. Should you receive this message, please contact us by phone or email with a read receipt as specified in Section 10 below.
3.3 Any right of the Customer to compensation for damages or compensation, as well as any contractual or extra-contractual liability for damage to persons and / or property, caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order or cancellation due to non-payment within the established deadline.
3.4 The availability of the Products published on the site, although constantly updated, may undergo changes not in real time and without notice.
3.5 By purchasing the Products that can be viewed and described on our site, you accept that the images of the Products may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but may differ in color and its shades, dimensions or accessory products shown in the figure.

4.1 The prices of the Products are expressed in Euros and are inclusive of all applicable taxes and / or duties; Calzature Solazzo srl reserves the right to change the prices of the items sold through the website at any time, it being understood that the price of the items on offer on the site must be considered that indicated up to the time of sending the ‘Purchase order.
4.2 The prices of the Products do not include delivery costs, the amount of which will in any case be indicated to the Customer in the summary of the purchase order;
4.3 The price of the Product will be that indicated on the site at the time of the Purchase Order. Therefore, they will not be able to detect any price increases or decreases, even in correlation with promotional sales before or after the Purchase Order;
4.4 The Customer will pay the full price of the items ordered according to the methods indicated in this section, together with the forwarding of the Purchase Order.
4.5 The Customer can choose between two payment methods:
• credit card (Visa, MasterCard, …) through the Paypal circuit;
• Paypal. does not accept other unspecified forms of payment. will deliver the items purchased only after having received the payment of their full price.

4.6 All shipments are accompanied by an official invoice, indicating the value of each individual item in euros and the transport costs.
4.7 After payment you will receive an e-mail that will notify you of the correct receipt by Calzature Solazzo srl of the Purchase Order and from that moment the timing for the preparation and shipment of your order will be decorated. By receiving the aforementioned email, the Customer and Calzature Solazzo srl accept that the Purchase Order is considered irrevocable without prejudice to the right of withdrawal referred to in Section 7 of these Conditions of Sale.

5.1 The delivery of the products will be made by courier and the times will vary depending on the destination, the time when the order will be acquired and the availability of the Product itself.
Calzature Solazzo srl will deliver to the Courier within a maximum of 6 subsequent working days in accordance with section 4.7.
Calzature Solazzo srl frees itself from the obligation of delivery to the Customer by returning the Product to the Courier (Article 1510 of the Civil Code)
Delivery times on the national territory will be 1-2 working days from delivery to the Courier, excluding minor locations and minor islands. To find out the delivery times in these locations, refers to the Corriere website.
5.2 Our system will calculate your shipping costs based on parameters dictated by national couriers and the shipping costs and any other additional costs, including VAT, will be expressly and separately indicated in the order form before the Customer proceeds with the transmission. of the same as well as on the order confirmation e-mail. Please carefully check the order summary and the costs listed in order not to run into problems of various kinds before sending your Purchase Order and in any case BEFORE PAYMENT.
At the time of delivery of the Product to the Courier, you will receive, at the address indicated during registration, an e-mail notification of shipment and you will also receive communication from the Courier that it has taken charge of your package and the relative delivery times .
We advise you to contact the Courier directly if you are not at home to arrange a delivery at certain times, in order to avoid incurring additional costs.
5.3 Delivery times after shipment and any delays do not depend on which in any case will contact the Courier for any problems related to delivery.
In any case, the Customer, by accepting our terms of use, exempts from any liability in this regard. The address provided during registration on the site will be used for shipping, so carefully fill in the complete address field in its entirety.
Calzature Solazzo srl will not be responsible for failure or delay in delivery even in the event that:
(a) despite having provided for the regular and timely purchase of the Products to cover the Purchase Order received, it has not been supplied in the terms and manner agreed with the supplier;
(b) is unable to compensate for the unavailability of the ordered Products and has promptly notified the Customer of the unavailability of such Products within 48 working hours.
In case of unavailability of an item, will reimburse the Customer for advance payments of the price within 30 (thirty) days from the day of receipt of payment.
Furthermore, Calzature Solazzo srl will not be responsible for non-delivery or delayed delivery due to force majeure, such as – by way of example – strikes, provisions of the Public Authority, rationing or shortage of energy or raw materials, transport difficulties, fires, floods, flooding and damage to industrial machinery not dependent on the fault of Calzature Solazzo srl. Calzature Solazzo srl will promptly notify the Customer of the occurrence and the absence of a cause of force majeure. If the cause of force majeure persists for a period exceeding 4 (four) weeks, each party will have the right to withdraw from the contract. In the event of withdrawal pursuant to this section 5, the Customer will not be entitled to any indemnity or compensation for any reason, except for the right to a refund of any amount already paid as a price.
5.4 In the event of a purchase made by a Consumer, the risk of accidental perishing of the article remains with Calzature Solazzo srl until the delivery of the article to the Consumer or to another person indicated by the latter, regardless of whether the shipment of the article itself is or is not insured. In the event of a purchase made by a person other than a Consumer, the risk of accidental perishing of the item passes to the Customer with the delivery of the item by Calzature Solazzo srl to the first carrier.

Should you find damaged goods inside your package, The customer must send an email to our address within 48 hours of receiving the package.
The email must contain:
• Attached photographic documentation relating to the damaged goods;
• Reference of the order and shipping number;
• Receipt of reading. will open a return procedure for defective goods and, in agreement with the customer, will collect the goods by courier entirely at their own expense.
Once the defect of the returned goods has been ascertained, will open a reimbursement procedure for the cost of the goods or, if you prefer, a new shipment of the damaged goods. Everything always at our expense.
In the event of a new shipment of the damaged goods, will send the said article within 6 working days from receipt of the damaged goods (As per section 5 “Shipping”).

7.1 Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 64 and ss. D. Lgs. N.206 / 05 the customer can exercise the right of withdrawal, without any penalty and without specifying the reason. The right of withdrawal in favor of the Consumer does not apply to contracts concerning items which, by their nature, are not suitable for being returned.
7.2. Below are the instructions for exercising the right of withdrawal as well as the consequences of such withdrawal.
The right of withdrawal must be exercised within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of delivery of the item (in the case of multiple delivery, from the date of the first partial delivery) in the following ways:
A) Send to within 14 working days of receipt of the Product, an email with reading receipt containing your wish to withdraw from the contract. The email must contain the shipment and order number;
B) Wait for a return confirmation e-mail from, which will take action to open a return procedure.
c) Once you have received the return confirmation email from, use a courier of your choice to ship the product to
Solazzo footwear srl of – Via Emilio Galli, 23/25/27
27029 Vigevano (PV)

carefully packed and in the original packaging by inserting inside:
• copy of the return confirmation e-mail
• invoice for payment of the goods (where present)

The Customer must take care to specify his shipping details on the package to be delivered to the Courier.
The costs and risks associated with the return of the item are charged to the customer.
The exercise of the right of withdrawal will be ineffective if the returned Product is not intact, or the original packaging is missing, or due to the absence of integral elements of the Product, or damage to the Product for reasons other than transport.
7.3 Consequences of withdrawal
If the Consumer has exercised his right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of these Conditions of Sale, the services that have already been received by the Consumer and / or by SILMAR must be returned.
The reimbursement of the price paid by the Consumer will be made by Calzature Solazzo srl, provided that the item has been returned by the Consumer, within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt by Calzature Solazzo srl of the communication to exercise the withdrawal or, if earlier, from the date on which Calzature Solazzo srl received the item returned by the Consumer.
As an alternative to exercising the right of withdrawal with reimbursement, customers can opt for a “product replacement request” in the manner indicated in paragraph 9 “Replacement and Refunds” below.

8.1 The provisions of the law on warranty apply to purchases made by the Customer.
8.2 The color of the garments may not be faithfully rendered by the photographs on the site and a lot also depends on the type of graphics card on your computer. It is therefore possible that the garments have shades of color slightly different from those you will see represented on your computer screen.
8.3 In the event of a defect or serious discrepancy of the purchased products with respect to the description published on, the user has the right to replace the product, without any additional expense, where this is possible in relation to the number of pieces still available for sale. . Alternatively, the customer has the right to terminate the contract, in this case Calzature Solazzo srl will refund the user the total amount paid, consisting of the purchase price and shipping costs. In any case, the amount and method of reimbursement will be communicated to the user by e-mail. The Customer must agree with the Customer Service the methods of shipping the goods to be returned.
8.4 Are excluded from the guarantee of conformity repaired, modified or in any way altered by the user.
8.5 Calzature Solazzo srl is not responsible in case of any damage to the Product, to people or things, deriving from the use of the product in an improper way and / or not in compliance with the maintenance instructions provided by the Manufacturer as well as in case of damage deriving from unforeseeable circumstances. or force majeure.
8.6 The Customer can contact Calzature Solazzo srl at any time in the manner indicated in the following article 10 of these Conditions of Sale. Calzature Solazzo srl will examine the requests received as soon as possible and contact the Customer. In the event of a complaint, Calzature Solazzo srl invites the Customer to describe in as much detail as possible the nature of the problem and possibly to send a copy of the Order documents or indicate the Order number, the Customer number, and any other data. useful for the correct identification of the complaint. If no response is received from the Customer within 5 (five) working days, Calzature Solazzo srl invites the Customer from now on to request a response. Calzature Solazzo srl also advises to verify that the e-mails sent by the same are not redirected to or blocked by any ‘spam filters’ or that they do not reach their destination correctly due to other technical problems of the recipient Customer’s e-mail program.
8.7 For any service request, Calzature Solazzo srl invites the Customer to contact Customer Service, which can be contacted as follows:
Solazzo footwear srl – Via Emilio Galli, 23/25/27 (Viale Commercio)
27029 Vigevano (PV) – Telephone 0381-88629
email: – ​​web:

9.1 If the Customer has made use of his / her Right of Withdrawal in the manner specified in paragraph 7 above “Right of Withdrawal”, the same can exercise the right to replace the product, if he does not wish to receive a refund.
To replace the Product, the Customer must specify in the email in which he intends to withdraw from the contract (paragraph 7.2 paragraph a)) his will to replace the returned product with one of the same amount or the same in different modifications, specifying the number of the chosen item to replace that of the previous Purchase Order. All replaced products must be equal to or greater than the amount returned. In the case of multiple orders, the reference price refers to the cost of the single or multiple items added at the time of the Purchase Order. Any price changes subsequently applied to the items purchased within the Purchase Order for which replacement is requested will not be counted.
Following receipt by email of the Customer’s intention to exercise the right of replacement and having checked that each part is correct in the price or availability of the Product, Calzature Solazzo srl will open the procedure for replacing the Product with the one requested by the Customer. The Customer must then send the item to be replaced to Calzature Solazzo srl by a courier of his choice and at his own expense as specified in paragraph 7 – 7.2 paragraph c) and subsequent ones -. Once the item to be replaced has been received and the integrity of the Product has been verified in all its parts, and as required in paragraph 7, Calzature Solazzo srl will deliver the replacement product to the courier within 6 (six) working days. From that moment the delivery times will start as agreed with the Courier and as a reference in paragraph 5.
9.2 Modification and Replacement
Calzature Solazzo srl wants to offer its customers high quality, comfortable garments with a perfect fit tailored to the customer’s needs.
Therefore, it is possible to modify the Product, where possible and if the Product lends itself or is suitable to lend itself, based on your fit and needs.
If the customer wants to change the item purchased according to their needs, the customer must contact our customer service at the email address BEFORE proceeding with the purchase, specifying the article number and the required changes. Calzature Solazzo srl will therefore promptly respond to requests within 48 hours and agree with the customer on the changes to be made.
Once all the necessary changes and the cost of such changes have been agreed with the Customer, the Customer may proceed with the Purchase of the Product in the manner indicated on the site and subsequently Calzature Solazzo srl will deliver the requested Product to the courier within 6 (six) days. subsequent working days.
Any additional costs for changes and alterations to the product are to be agreed in advance between Calzature Solazzo srl and the Customer before placing the purchase order aThey will eventually be invoiced separately from the Purchase Order made on The delivery times of the product depend on the courier and as reported in paragraph 5. Shipping.
9.3 If the Customer has made use of his right of withdrawal by requesting the replacement of the product, he can replace the Product by modifying it according to his needs where this lends itself to specific and proprietary to such changes. To change the replacement product, the Customer must request withdrawal within the timescales specified in paragraph 7. specifying in the email in paragraph a) their willingness to replace the product with another desired one of equal or greater amount and request which changes they intend to make. Calzature Solazzo srl will respond promptly within 48 hours of receiving the email and agreeing with the customer any changes as in paragraph 9.2 above. The deadlines for Withdrawal with Replacement and modification that apply are those specified in paragraph 7. and will be considered as respected within 14 working days from the opening of the Withdrawal file by Calzature Solazzo srl by email to the Customer.

Before making the purchase, we always invite customers to contact our Customer Service at the email address
9.4 In cases where it is not possible to change the garment, Calzature Solazzo srl will promptly notify the Customer by email and provide the best solution for both parties.
9.5 The garments modified with customizations and modifications of various kinds, where possible and specified, do not make use of the right of withdrawal, therefore they cannot be refunded or replaced. We therefore invite you to contact our customer service for any information BEFORE proceeding with the purchase.

For any aspect or clarification relating to the content of the “Terms and Conditions of Sale” of the Contract and its discipline, Calzature Solazzo srl makes itself available by telephone at the telephone number 0381-88629 from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18 excluding holidays or to the email address If the customer decides not to make use of the telephone or telematic service, all rights and faculties recognized to the customer by law remain in any case without prejudice to and without prejudice to the customer.

The contract between Calzature Solazzo srl and the Customer is governed by Italian law.
Contracts are stipulated exclusively in Italian.
In case of disservice or dispute between Calzature Solazzo srl and the Customer, the Judge of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer will be competent if located in the territory of the Italian State.
For Customers domiciled in states of the European Union, Articles 15-17 EU Reg. 44/01.
For customers domiciled outside the European Union, the Court of Pavia will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Calzature Solazzo srl will inform the Customer of the changes to the provisions of these Conditions of Sale. The amended Terms of Sale will become an integral part of the new contracts as a result of the forwarding by the Customer of the first Purchase Order following receipt of the change notice.
Calzature Solazzo srl reserves the right to amend / review the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice, by updating it, whenever it deems it appropriate, without any obligation to give notice.
The user is required to abide by the terms contained in this legal notice, periodically checking for any updates, changes and corrections.

If a present or future provision of the Conditions of Sale and / or of the contract should be or become totally or partially null and / or ineffective or there is a gap in the provisions of the Conditions of Sale and / or the contract, the remaining provisions of the Conditions of sale and of the contract will remain valid and effective in any case. It is understood that Calzature Solazzo srl and the Customer will undertake to negotiate in good faith the integration of the gap or the replacement of the null and / or ineffective clause with the aim of achieving the same results pursued by the invalid or ineffective clause and to safeguard the economic substance of the contract.
Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the Customer declares to expressly approve all the provisions referred to in the Sections of these Conditions of Sale.
14. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES: and all its contents are the property of Solazzo srl. This includes documentation, images, fonts, designs, music, software, codes and format scripts. The material contained in the website is protected by copyright. Any reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties, for commercial purposes, is strictly forbidden without the express written consent provided by Calzature Solazzo srl.
Calzature Solazzo srl prohibits the use of the content or trademarks on the site for any other purpose and purpose other than those mentioned above.

Users who access this site declare that they accept that all matters relating to the use of the website are governed by the current legislation of the Italian State.
Calzature Solazzo srl does not guarantee in any way that the content of the site complies with the regulations in force in other countries. Access to the site from places where its contents are considered illegal is expressly prohibited.
Users who decide to access the site from these countries are fully aware of the legal consequences and penalties they risk incurring and will be solely responsible for compliance with local laws.